Phase One

We are extremely excited to announce our new showcase format! We have carefully curated 19 DJ/music artist collectives that are impacting their underground dance music community in a positive way. Each crew will have a 3-hour block of total creative control over their musical expression. This gives each crew an opportunity to showcase their passions while allowing all to learn from, enjoy, and appreciate the large variety of musical content that we have curated.

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Featured Showcases:
















                                                     Auralumen Arts // Iowa


Auralumen is an attempt to illuminate your life with a variety of music that enables us to express our souls. It is our goal to present music that ignites the minds and bodies of all. To this end, our musical expressions are intended to catalyze a catharsis within the listener. The word “Auralumen” is an amalgamation of the words ‘Aural’ (that which is heard or detectable as sound), and ‘Lumen’ (a unit of luminosity---a point source of light having uniform intensity). It was chosen to convey the vivid and vibrant nature of sound.
























Beyond Collective // Colorado


Beyond. Collective is a Denver based entertainment company which consists of monthly events, a bi-weekly residency, talent agency, and record label.
























                                                     Chilluminati // Midwest


The Chilluminati is the midwest’s oldest psytrance crew, going strong since 2005! Our premier festival, Sacred Earth, has been occurring since 2006, which features an immersive weekend of music, art, and community.






















                                        Couchland Collective // Colorado


Couch Land Collective is a group of artists who started by playing basement beats for their close friends. From there, the love and creativity started to grow. Artists who had been making music for years came together to create something really special. The collective provides different genres and original sound for everyone to enjoy. Come take a seat on our couch and join the family!





















Crowdpleaser // Colorado

         -Crowdpleaser started out throwing events in order to hear the techno they wanted to hear. Throughout the years they have teamed up with different crews, most notably Mother Earth Sound System, in which they assisted in the infamous Full Moon Gatherings, Dia de los Muertos, and Spring Equinox events, while continuing to put on shows on a regular basis---in warehouses, jazz bars, junkyards, mountain meadows, and meat lockers. Although the crew focuses on the techno side of things, all djs are versatile and play several styles of electronic music.
























                                            Deepdharma Technologies // Iowa


Deepdharma Technologies is a psytrance crew hailing from Iowa.























Fractal Family // Colorado


We are original aspiring artists that range from tribal trance, to fractal glitch, and all things psychedelic and electronic.























Los Lokos // Minnesota


In September of 2014, Los Lokos started as an idea for a radio show that blossomed into a Minneapolis based crew. Los Lokos del Techno show broadcasted live every week and started gaining national spotlight. Although we have be kicked off the air, we continue to bring local and international talent to the Minneapolis techno community.























Mad Scientists // Colorado


A group of veteran DJ's and producers founded in Iowa. Now spread amongst Colorado and Iowa spreading quality techno to quality people.
























Midlife Crisis Center // Colorado


Midlife Crisis Center is a group of free spirited, openminded, and all inclusive people that focus on the freedom of the dance floor.






















P.U.N.C.H.I.S. // Colorado


    Founded in 2009, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. has held a weekly residency at the world-renowned Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado since 2010. Every Friday night is devoted to the most underground, cutting-edge minimal and techno sounds, hosting local, national and international talent.





















Recon // Colorado


Recon (Reconnaissance)-- “Exploring beyond the space occupied” Representing Denver drum and bass for over 14 years, RECON DNB is a dj/production team providing a launch pad for forward thinking drum and bass music in the U.S.























Rocky Mountain Resonance // Colorado


         -Rocky Mountain Resonance is a cooperative that aims to organize and promote interdisciplinary events, ideas, and cultural experiences through innovative and experimental mediums. We are committed to building and enhancing creative processes through a melding of various aspects of sensory perception.























Seems Legit Productions // Colorado


A collaborative family rejoicing in the joy of bass.





















Subverted Entertainment // Colorado


Subverted Entertainment is a movement. A movement designed to bring the heart, soul, and a little grit back to Denver nightlife.
























Techno Tacos Tequila by Cat Lord // Colorado

Cat Lord has touched most of us here in Denver with their excellent #TechnoTacoTequilaTuesdays@TennysonsTap parties and we are super excited to bring the whole #TechnoTacoTequila experience out to TogetherLand Ranch!!!





















The Underground // Colorado



The Underground is a weekly Thursday Night club event held in Milk Bar, Denver. We specialize in quality Dj's, and quality techno in various forms.
























Tree House Collective // Colorado


 TreeHouse Collective is unified by our deep devotion to underground with an emphasis on the dance floor. Bridging the gap between the old and the new by moving music forward with passion and our deep respect for the culture and community. It is because of these ideals TreeHouse is firmly established in Denver’s underground scene.





















Whomp Truck // Colorado


        -The Whomp Truck has been providing Colorado with both mobile and stationary bass music for over 10 years. We are the underground’s weirdest group of hippies, burners and underpass Renegade-rs and we’re here to make you shake that ass.


























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