noun  ef·fi·gy  \ ˈe-fə-jē \

: an image or representation especially of a person



In 2017 the Together community suffered a painful loss. The effigy burn was born at the festival later that summer as a means of emotional purging and remembrance. While traditionally used in protest, the Together effigy burn allows attendees to remember lost loved ones, and provides an opportunity for emotional release. We ask attendees wishing to participate in the memorial to bring an item (photo, letter, etc) to place on the effigy altar to be burned in ceremony. 

**Due to the current fire ban across the state, we will not be able to have a effigy burn this year. There will be a memorial alter where the effigy burn took place last year. We encourage everyone to take a moment at some point over the weekend and visit the memorial. We will have a place for you to leave any personal items you planned on contributing to this years effigy. These items will be collected at the end of the weekend and be burned at a later date when the fire ban is lifted.

background image © scott southerland

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