-How do I claim my presales??

Please bring your ID, tickets, and/or proof of purchase.


-Do you accept cards at the gate for admission?

We do not, it is CASH ONLY! Some vendors may take cards, but cell signal is very spotty in the area so plan accordingly. Walsenburg is your last chance for an atm enroute to Togetherland, or just buy presales online and save some $$$.


-Is this a 21 and up event?

Yes. We intend to lower the age as we grow as a festival, but this year is 21+.

-Will there be Alcohol for sale?

There will be no alcohol sold on the premises. This is a BYOB event. We strongly suggest to keep any glass at home.

-Will there be water/Ice for sale?

Yes, we will have a water filling station, as well as bottled water for sale. We will also have bags of ice for purchase.

-Are fires allowed?

Definitely not! Nearly the entire state is currently under a stage 2 fire ban and we are lucky the property didn't burn. This means NO fire spinning, NO fireworks, NO open fires, NO charcoal grills. Propane grills are the only exception. 

-Are dogs allowed??

Unfortunately not. We hope in the future as we grow to allow attendees to bring their dogs, but as it stands, it’s not something we nor the landowners are allowing this year.

-Are cats allowed?

^^^See above paragraph^^^

-Are there bathrooms?

There will be four portapotties and a handwashing station available. Word to the wise: bring your own TP, just in case.

-Are there showers?

There are no showers, but many people bring portable solar showers. We recommend them if your going to need a shower.

-What will the weather be like?

Mostly sunny during the days, with patches of rain here and there are likely. Highs during the day should be in the mid 80’s, low at night should be mid 50’s. It can get surprising chilly at night so come prepared.

-Where do I camp? Is there car camping?

Upon check-in, you will be allowed to unload your things to be carried to your desired camping spot in the river bed area, or on the prairie. There is limited shaded area so its first come, first serve. Car camping is allowed in the designated parking area.

-How is the cell service?

AT&T and T-Mobile seem to work best in this area. Other services are much more spotty.

-Nearest gas station/grocery store/resturants/motel?

You can get most services in Walsenburg, 20 mins southeast of the festival grounds. 

-Do I have to leave?

Unfortunately, yes. The music will conclude at 3pm Sunday afternoon and everyone, with exception to the staff, are required to vacate the premises. This is in accordance with the permit signed with Huerfano County. It is improtant that we respect this rule as we want to be on good terms with the county. Plan accordingly! 

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