TOGETHERLAND IS THIS WEEKEND! Here's what you need to know...

With the start of the Spring Creek fire on Wednesday, June 27th, the fate of Togetherland has been hanging by a thread. We are relieved to announce that the fire narrowly missed Togetherland, however, we are very sad to say that the fire destroyed over 200 homes and burning a radius well over the size of Denver, including the airport. On a more positive note, no lives were lost in the fire. 

To show our support those families who lost their homes in a mandatory evacuation, we will be instilling a “mandatory donation” for all Togetherland attendees. We are blessed by the fact that there is still a ranch to call home, and giving back to the community is the best way for us to show our gratitude.


Toiletries and cash only for disaster relief victims!!!
Brushes, combs, contact lens cases, contact solution, mouth wash, tooth paste, floss, tooth brushes, fingernail clippers, nail files, hand soap, body wash(men and women’s), shampoo(men and women’s), conditioner, razors, shaving cream/gel, luffas, cotton swabs, q-tips, tampons(all sizes), pads (all sizes), wet wipes, disinfectant wipes, lotion, deodorant, isopropyl alcohol, alcohol wipes

GEAR LIST: What you need to, should, and shouldn't bring:

        Required Gear List

  • (2) Gallons of water, per person, per day (SERIOUSLY)

  • Flashlight (there are cactus and other obstacles)

  • Trash Bags (As Always, LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT)

  • Warm clothes (It does get cold at night @ 7K Ft.)

  • Rain Gear (Lots of rain in the forecast)

  • Comfortable shoes (cactus/rough terrain)

  • Cash (The gate will be cash only. Vendors may accept cards but cell signal is not reliable in the area so plan accordingly)

  • Mandatory Donation for spring creek fire victims

  • Good Vibes


        Recommended Gear List

  • Tent/Tarp

  • Sleeping pad/Air mattress

  • Food (Though food vendors will be on site)

  • Sleeping bag/blankets/pillows

  • Headlamps/flashlights

  • Bug Spray

  • Sun Screen

  • BYOB

  • Coolers/ice

  • Pocket knife

  • Pocket container for cigarette butts/small garbage (NO LITTERING!)

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

  • Portable solar showers

  • Bio-degradable Camp soap

  • Propane grill (absolutely no charcoal/campfires)

For more information on being prepared for the weekend, check out our FAQ:

Phase II lineup announcement is up! Head over to our lineup page to ge the full rundown.


$60 2nd tier tickets extended through June 22nd!

Get them here:

Pre-Gatherings / Togetherland On The Road

Togetherland will be hittin' the road in the months leading up to the festival! We plan on stopping in several cities to share the music and spirit of Togetherland so keep your eyes peeled for a pre-gathering coming near you! Each event will showcase Togetherland resident DJs, local talent, live artists, AND a chance to win FREE FESTIVAL PASSES!  



  • May 5th | Denver, CO | Fusion Factory
    Annihilation: A Movement/Togetherland Pre-Party feat. DRUMCELL

  • June 23rd |Omaha, NE

        Slightly Forward Special Edition: Togetherland PreParty

  • July 6th-8th | Eastern Iowa | LV Campground

        Kulture Music Festival

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Fundraisers/Togethren Get-Togethers:

Each month, we will be hosting group activities to encourage our fellow Togetherens to get to know one another better, expand creativity and deepen personal growth...all while generating funds for the festival. We will also be doing festival pass giveaways at each and every fundraiser! Below is a list of our upcoming get-togethers:


  • June 16th

​        Beefy Hawtin’s Meat n Greet Field Day in the Park!


  • July 23rd
    3rd Annual Donational Invitational Mini-Golf Tournament 

Togetherland Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Togetherland will feature a whole slew of vendors this year. From food trucks, to glass blowers, to technology demonstrations, jewelry, clothing, poi, crystals, and so much more! If you are interested in vending, please email


Full vendor listing coming soon!


Volunteers are what make this festival possible. If you are interested in becoming involved with Togetherland by donating your time to the cause, email us at

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